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1) What is your role at QualitySolicitors Davisons?

Director, Fee Earner, Problem Solver, Removal Man and Part Time Cleaner.

2) You have recently opened a new Conveyancing Hub in Solihull. How did this come about?

It’s a concept we’ve worked on for a while. After a successful trial at another office we targeted a new geographical area and, well, went for it! Our aim is to offer a bespoke purely conveyancing-based service provided by a vastly experienced and dedicated team of people with a simple aim to offer the best possible service and deliver on what matters most: a completion date. Several months of planning and hard work meant that we were able to open and deal with the traditional summer rush.

3) How did you come up with the name ‘Conveyancing Hub’?

It’s an original idea according to our Intellectual Property Solicitor! Simply, it’s based on a realisation of what people actually want when buying and selling property. In truth, clients are more likely to book removals or buy a sofa, rather than engage a solicitor and pay for their searches. We need to communicate effectively and in simple terms. Clients want us to deliver on their requests, no matter how unreasonable. Plus ‘Conveyancing Nerve Centre’ didn’t have the same ring to it.

4) Did you have an official launch, if so how did it go?

Really well, openings are always tough going but this one was successful. Our new team handled the event fantastically, meeting and greeting for the first time lots of new introducers and clients. The Mayor of Solihull even made an appearance and treated us to a motivational speech on business in Solihull and the West Midlands.

5) How long did it take from having the idea to become a reality and what obstacles did you face?

Completing the lease work for the new office took the longest. In all seriousness we have a shortlist of areas in which we feel we can make a difference. Once the planning is complete, the launch process is fairly straight forward. Staffing continues to be the biggest challenge as any success will be because of the team that launches the new office.

6) Did you implement any marketing activity? If so what did you do and did you feel this went?

We thought about this long and hard, we needed a launch offer which was unique and something that actually benefited clients and gave a real cost saving in the house moving process. We wanted to avoid a discount or prize draw style offer. We were lucky enough to have a search company help with a ‘free property searches’ offer. This genuinely saved clients up to £300. In the six weeks of running the offer, over a hundred benefited from it. We only advertised in the local paper and on our website.

7) What are the firm’s expectations and long term plans for the hub?

We are already looking to add more team members; this would then mean the office is at capacity for new work and staff. Although there are two empty, much bigger floors above our office.

The mission is to create a hub which gains the best possible reputation for provision of conveyancing. To do things differently, to do things that no one else does and to do this like no one else can. At all times Best Practice, Best Service, Best Reputation. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place.

8) Would you consider opening other hubs in other locations?

Of course, if we feel we can make a difference for the benefit of home movers in a particular location we’ll give it a go. With our Birmingham City Centre office just opened on the prestigious Colmore Row, we’ve already planned a City Centre Conveyancing Hub, helping professionals buy and sell property in the City Centre.

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