Wedding Deposit Refund FAQs

Q: The Contract states that the Deposit paid is non-refundable. Can I still get a refund?

A: As the Wedding cannot proceed as booked it is deemed to be frustrated.  As such a clause which states the Deposit is non- refundable can normally be challenged as being an unfair contract term to enable you to get a refund.


Q: The Wedding Supplier has stated that I must agree to a postponement of the Wedding to a later date or proceed with less Guests.  Do I have to agree to this?

A: No, you are not under any obligation to agree postponement or variation of fundamental terms of the Contract such as the number of guests allowed if the Wedding cannot proceed as booked.


Q: Can I get a refund of the Deposit if the Wedding does not go ahead due to Government restrictions and not lockdown?

A:  Yes, the same principle would apply if your Wedding cannot proceed without fundamental changes to your booking, such as substantial reduction on number of guests allowed to attend.


Q: Can I ask for the terms of the Contract to be varied and a new date provided for the Wedding?

A: You are entitled to seek a variation of the Booking for the Wedding.  It is often the case that the Wedding Supplier and Hirer will agree that the Deposit is held for a future booking.  However, any variation of the Contract will be subject to agreement, availability and complying with any Government restrictions which may apply in relation to group gatherings and weddings.


Q: Can I get a refund of my deposit paid for the Catering as this was with an outside caterer?

A : Yes, a refund can be claimed from the Caterer or any Third Party as the Contract with them will have been frustrated if the Wedding is unable to proceed as booked.  Any claim would need to be made to the Third Party directly if it is separate to the Wedding Booking.


Q         Will I be able to get a full refund of my Deposit?

A          You are entitled to claim a full refund.  However, the Wedding Supplier may be entitled to payment of any reasonable expenses for services provided and administration costs directly incurred in relation to your Booking which may be deducted from the Deposit.


Q         What happens if the Wedding Supplier refuses to return my deposit after being sent a Letter of Claim?

A          In most cases a refund of the Deposit is obtained (less expenses or administration costs) after a Letter of Claim has been sent.  If a refund is not provided, action can be taken against the Wedding Supplier through the Civil Courts. 

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