Children in care Solihull

If a child is in the care of a local authority for more than 24 hours, they will be deemed as being in care or ‘looked after’. If this happens to your child, you will want specialist advice about how the physical and mental health of your child will be guaranteed, as well as what options are available to you.

When a child will be placed in care

A court may make an order for a child to be put into care if it is believed the child is suffering or is likely to suffer; is at risk of harm; is not being given the level of care that would be reasonably expected from a parent; or if the child has committed an offence. A court order for a child to be looked after will also consider the long-term wellbeing of the child, including whether it’s appropriate for a child to live with any of their parents, family members or friends, or if it is better to consider foster care options or adoption.

Parties likely to put forward child care or supervision recommendations before the court include officers of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children or any persons authorised by the Secretary of State. There may also be times when parents or guardians may voluntarily place a child in care, such as to offer a short term respite because of a child’s disability, or when a child is behaving beyond control by failing to attend school regularly or misusing alcohol or drugs, for example.

What to do if you disagree

Our Solihull team can work with you to help you address any concerns or disagreements you may have about your child’s care. This may include what you can do if you’re not happy with the standard of care your child is receiving when they are being looked after, if you’d like to disagree with a care or supervisory order, if you disagree with the level of contact you have with your child, or if you would like your child returned to your care. To contact our team about advice on children in care, phone 0808 304 7471.

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