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The breakdown of a relationship can be overwhelming in its own right, without adding the extra burden of what your legal rights are during the process. Speaking with one of our experienced divorce solicitors will help you find out what options are available to you and your family.

We understand that divorce is a highly personal process, involves a range of individual circumstances and is a huge decision to make. Given no two situations are the same, you’ll want a legal service that is willing to dedicate the time and attention needed to understand your circumstances and guide you through what can seem like a minefield of legalities. We do this with a professional and personal approach, using easy-to-understand language.

When should I speak to a divorce solicitor in Solihull?

If there is no way of saving the marriage and you are considering divorce, it is best to talk to us as soon as possible. Given some matrimonial issues can be time sensitive, speaking with us in the first instance will ensure you understand how divorce will impact you, your finances, and any child care arrangements if you have or are expecting children.

We can also guide you as to what circumstances must apply to successfully request a divorce, what different options are available for approaching divorce, what the process will involve, key issues to consider throughout the proceedings, and what you might need to consider even after the marriage is dissolved.

Ideally, you will want to communicate with your former partner throughout the divorce proceedings to resolve disputes that might arise along the way.

Do I need a reason to divorce?

Whilst you and your former partner may agree to divorce, you must nevertheless have a specific reason to divorce in England or Wales as no fault divorces are not recognised by the courts. The only way you can successfully file a  divorce petition is if there has been a complete relationship breakdown and reconciliation is impossible, this cannot be within the first year of marriage.

There are five facts that can provide the marriage has irretrievably broken down:

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Two years separation with both parties consent
  • Five years separation where consent of the other spouse is not required.
  • Desertion for two or more years

What can I expect during the divorce?

If the divorce is not contested, it is extremely unlikely you will have to attend Court.  There is a fee which is currently £550.00 to issue the divorce petition.  We are able to complete the petition for you, and the other necessary documents to finalise the divorce.  If you are the respondent to a divorce we are able to assist you with completion of the Acknowledgment of Service.

Once divorce proceedings have started, so long as the divorce is not being challenged by your former partner, you can expect the marriage to be dissolved within four to six months.

Related proceedings – separating with children and finances

Throughout the divorce proceedings there may be a need to separately address any matters relating to children involved in the process or how finances, whether joint or personal, will be realistically and fairly allocated during settlement.

What happens after divorce?

Some people feel a sense of closure after divorce and hope that it will bring a fresh start. It is important to bear in mind though, that your former husband or wife can still make a claim against your finances even if you’re divorced unless you obtain a final Order from the Court. Our family law practice can help ensure you are adequately protected as you continue to move forward with your life.

It may be the case that you will continue to share child care arrangements with your former spouse, meaning it is even more crucial a civil relationship is maintained for the benefit of the child. You may still have questions about what might happen to your Will after your divorce, whether you can holiday overseas with your child, or what can be done if you and your former spouse disagree on the type of medical care your child should be given. Our team can continue to offer support and help answer these questions after the divorce settlement.Call us today if you're looking for a divorce solicitor in Solihull. 

Ending a civil partnership

Our divorce solicitors in Solihull, we can support you to end a civil partnership. The length and legality of your partnership, as well as the reason you’re wishing to dissolve the partnership, will determine the process you need to follow to end it.

Our team will work with you to identify the most appropriate way forward for you to end a civil partnership and explain the impact of this choice. A number of factors will need to be considered throughout the process, including whether or not you’re a British citizen, whether you have any children in your care, what housing rights are owed to you, and what fair and reasonable financial arrangements will be post-relationship.

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