Industrial injury claims

If you have suffered from an illness or an injury because of an accident at work, you may be able to claim compensation. Our solicitors specialise in industrial injury claims. We have helped numerous people to claim the highest levels of compensation for a range of work-related injuries and diseases.

What is an industrial injury?

An industrial injury is any disease, disability or injury caused by an accident at work. An injury can happen in any type of workplace including a construction site, factory or warehouse.

Employers have a duty of care towards their employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and other Health and Safety Regulations. If you have suffered an injury because your employer failed in their duty of care, then you may be able to claim industrial accident compensation.

What are the types of industrial causes of injury?

The most common industrial accidents or causes of injury are:

Electric shock

Electric shock can cause burns and damage to the internal organs.

Falling objects

Any size object falling from a height can cause injuries including broken bones and concussion.

Industrial deafness and blindness

Noise is a hazard, especially in industries like construction and quarrying. The Control of Noise at Work Regulation (2005) employers must put measures in place to reduce the risk of injury to their employee’s hearing.

Jobs which involve exposure to bright lights, dust, harmful chemicals, or sharp equipment can lead to sight loss.

Machinery accidents

Machinery accidents can cause anything from cuts to severed limbs and blindness.

Manual handling accidents

Manual handling accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in the Workplace, resulting in damage to the limbs and joints.

Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls often happen when there are obstacles lying around, or uneven or slippery surfaces.

Toxic substances, dust and fumes

Exposure to toxic substances, dust and fumes can cause chemical burns, skin irritation and severe illnesses.

Industrial diseases include asbestosis, asthma, carcinoma, emphysema, Lyme disease, mesothelioma and more.

What are construction and factory accident claims?

Certain types of accidents are more common in certain working environments.

On construction sites, there are more likely to be falls from ladders and scaffolding, and accidents involving moving vehicles.

In factories, discarded wrapping, liquid on floors, and trailing cables can result in slips and falls.

Employers’ legal duties are covered under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and under legislation relating to their workplace. For example, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 sets out specific health and safety measures for those working on construction sites.

For further advice on construction or factory accident claims, please talk to our specialist solicitors.

How long do you have to make a claim?

Industrial injury claims have a time limit of three years. That means you have three years from the date of your accident to make a claim, or three years from when you first became aware of any symptoms or that you may have a potential claim.

The reason for the lengthy time limit is that some industrial diseases take years to develop.

Even though you have three years to make a claim, we advise you to start as soon as possible. Making a claim earlier makes it easier to gather evidence such as medical assessments to support your claim.

If you have suffered from a work-related illness, please talk to our personal injury lawyers to find out more about industrial disease claims.

How much compensation can you receive?

Every workplace injury claim is different. The amount of compensation you will be awarded depends upon the extent of your injuries and the length of time it may take you to recover.

Do you have to leave your employer if you make a claim?

If you have suffered an industrial injury, you have the right to claim compensation. You do not have to leave your job.

By law your employer cannot dismiss you for making an industrial injury claim, neither can they make your life difficult. If they do, you may have grounds to claim unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal.

Sometimes people are worried that claiming compensation will impact a company’s finances. However, all employers are legally obliged to have Employer’s Liability Insurance in place. Compensation is paid by the employer's insurance company and not the employer.

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