Spinal injury claims

A spinal injury can cause an unimaginable amount of suffering and distress. It can force you to make changes throughout your whole life. If you or someone you love has a spinal injury caused by another person, our solicitors can help obtain the compensation needed to adjust to the life-changing consequences.

What is a spinal injury?

A spinal injury involves damage to the spinal cord. The spinal cord is a strand of nerves and tissues that runs inside the spinal column (the vertebrae). The spinal cord links the brain to the rest of the body.

Damage to the spinal cord causes extensive pain. It can also mean losing control of parts of the body. In severe cases, damage to the spinal cord results in paralysis.

What are the causes of spinal injury?

According to the World Health Organisation, most spinal cord injuries are preventable. They are often caused by falls, road accidents and violence.

Other causes include:

What do you need to make a claim?

If your spinal injury happened as a result of an accident, it is useful to have:

  • Photos of the accident.
  • The contact details of anybody who saw the accident.
  • Information about the medical treatment you have received.
  • Records that show the financial losses you have suffered.

How do you finance spinal injury claims?

There are different ways you can finance a claim. Our spinal injury lawyers usually work on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means there is no financial risk to you in relation to legal costs if your spinal cord injury claim is unsuccessful.

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Can you claim compensation for a spinal injury?

If you or a member of your family has suffered a spinal injury and it was somebody else’s fault, you are entitled to claim compensation.

A spinal injury can change the life of the person suffering the injury and their entire family. The physical, emotional, practical and financial costs are enormous.

How much spinal injury compensation can you claim?

The Judicial College guidelines set out average compensation amounts for spinal injuries, which can be used as a guide:

Spinal damage resulting in little movement or paralysis - around £139,210

Damage to the spinal cord and nerves resulting in disability and severe pain. £85,470 - £151,070

However, the actual amount of compensation for a spinal injury depends upon the severity of the injury, approximate recovery time and circumstances of the accident.

Any settlement will also cover:

  • Loss of earnings now and in the future.
  • Medical care, rehabilitation and prescriptions.
  • Help from carers.
  • Adaptations to home and vehicle.

Our solicitors are strong negotiators. We will work hard to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation.

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